Africa Scout Foundation: A Vehicle for Ensuring a Future for Scouting in Africa

The Africa Scout Foundation was established in 1995 to provide Africa Scout Region with financial support needed for the growth and development of Scouting. Its mission is to promote the growth of Scouting and support more young people in Africa to gain knowledge, develop skills and attitudes through quality educational programmes towards creating a better world by continuous accumulation of capital fund.

The Foundation aims at continually accumulating capital fund through donations, grants, membership contribution and other legal methods of fundraising, to enable it carry out its mission of promoting the growth and development of Scouting in Africa. Its ambition currently is to endow Scouting in Africa with funds of a minimum target of US$ 1,000,000 by 2023 through the World Scout Bureau Africa Support Centre in Nairobi.

Young Africans want to build a sense of brotherhood and common understanding. They are determined to break down old barriers that have kept them apart. They need a better life for themselves, their families and society. They want to utilize unused tracts of land, hold back the deserts, have access to clean water, healthy diet and other basic amenities that improve the quality of life. They desire to work together to build a culture of peace, a sense of nationhood and claim a place in the international society. They seek to become partners in the challenging wider world. We invite you to be a partner in this undertaking.

There are three types of membership categories; Individual, Corporate and Scout Association. In each category, a provision has been made for members to grow in a four-stage system starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum. By joining the Africa Scout Foundation in one of these categories, you will be registered in the appropriate membership category in the Foundation and you will receive your certificate of membership and other benefits commensurate with that category. Most importantly, you will have assisted the Foundation to achieve its mission of supporting the growth and development of Scouting in Africa.

Scouting in Africa needs your support. You can contribute to the foundation by becoming a member. To join or to know more about the Foundation please contact the Regional Director at